Iā€™m a designer with passion for UX/UI. I have a lot of experience working with startups, taking part in product development from the initial Idea to execution. I love learning new things and broaden my knowledge and technical skills. Last year I took an advanced designers course and currently I am taking a course in conversion rate optimization.

I am a motivated person and I am looking for a company with a hardworking and fun environment in which I could further develop my career while contributing to its success šŸ™‚



In this company, I took part in all product aspects, including branding, initial concept, UX research, wireframes and prototyping. I also worked closely with our developers on the development, testing and execution.

Since it was a first stage start-up, with very small team, I was able to gain a variety of skills like various parts of product management work and learning my way around analytics and conversion optimization.




On this product I was working with a small team of a product manager and iOS and Android developers. In this project I was in charge of improving the interface of our current app.

I led a change in our work processes which included UX research, paper wireframes and animated prototyping before development and execution. I also created animated prototypes for making face to face user testing with prospects to improve our user experience and help generate leads.



This was a personal fun project made for an advanced UX UI course I was taking with Sagi Shrieber on 6B.

In this project I had to deliver extensive UX research for an app I would have really loved to have, personally, so the research was basically about me, starting with the persona and a user journey map.

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