RMDY develops a white label app for companies that provide healthcare solutions, providing them with an easy digital solution for their patients.

RMDY started as a service company for health care clients. The company then changed direction to become a product company.

The original product was built based on specific clients’ needs and was never properly planned and researched
It was a very challenging and fun project for me, especially since I enjoyed working on a product that helps patients keep track of their health.


  • It was hard defining the user persona since the app was supposed to work with all kinds of healthcare companies where each one has their own type of users, sometimes with very different needs.
  • From a branding perspective we had to build a white label app that has a flexible design that could support various options of modifications for branding and features.
  • It was nearly impossible to create a user journey map because of the versatile types of companies and their users. Some of which had totally different needs and usage patterns.
  • We couldn’t use analytics to figure out the users’ behavior because of privacy restrictions for healthcare apps.


User Testing! User Testing!

Our product manager and I lead the user testing. We ran tests on various types of users between ages of 20 to 85.

We started by showing them the old app version so we could understand their frustrations, and then showed them a prototype I created in inVision. We then collected all the results on excel files, and began planning to implementation of changes based on our conclusions.